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The Evolution of Websites: How 10 Popular Websites Have (And Have Not) Changed
By Samuel Ryan     Website Building     Comments

I was in high school in the mid-nineties when I first encountered the ever-expanding world of websites. At the time, I didn't realize that my future career would rely on this industry -- one which did not exist when I was in elementary school. Now in the year 2008, having created websites for over half my life, I look back and see how much websites have changed in the last decade and a half. At the same time, I can see how little they've changed as well, and I've realized that the internet as we know it today is only a teenager, with many years of growth still ahead. So in the vein of change, let's look at ten popular websites and their evolution throughout the last many years. (Note: Click on pictures to view larger size.)

Apple Today / 5 Years Ago / 10 Years Ago

 Apple has always championed simplicity and their websites have followed this axiom. Except for their early websites which (like everyone else) utilized the upper-left logo and left-aligned website, all their websites in recent memory have employed center-top navigation, consistently clean layouts, and gridlike simplicity.



Amazon Today / 9 Years Ago

 Amazon has changed very little over the years. Amazon has always pioneered retail shopping ease and although they have the least-updated design of any website here, it's probably because it works. In Amazon's case, their first concern is not "cool design," but fulfillment of its purpose (in this case, maximum sales).



Adobe Today / 5 Years Ago / 9 Years Ago / 12 Years Ago

 Over the years, Adobe has had the difficult task of portraying themselves as a software company (product information) and as a creative company (imaginative design). It's interesting to see that even their early site have a large amount of images.



CNN Today / 5 Years Ago / 8 Years Ago

 At first glance, it seems that a news site like CNN hasn't changed much, but when you look at the layout, typography, and inclusion of new media, you'll see how much cleaner and easier to navigate the current website is.



Nike Today / 5 Years Ago / 8 Years Ago

 As you can see below, even their early sites strove to be hip with consumers. The second image shows how in the last several years, most larger websites require international compatibility and like many other companies, Nike requires new visitors to pick a locale. Nowadays, Nike lots of Flash in their site and they continously win Flash awards for these sites.



Yahoo Today / 4 Years Ago / 8 Years Ago / 12 Years Ago

 Yahoo defined the gateway/homepage concept and they've always had a text-heavy front page. In recent years, they've really cleaned up their design to incorporate a cleaner grid, uniform typography, and easier-to-navigate content. 


Microsoft Today / 5 Years Ago / 10 Years Ago

Microsoft has always been a technology company with a strong audience among technologists and programmers. As you can see, their past sites have always followed this demographic, disseminating content efficiently as possible. Only in the past couple years has Microsoft's website tried to appeal more to end users as well. 



ESPN Today / 8 Years Ago

 ESPN has always followed a simple formula: Show the main stories on the front page, supplement them with links to other popular stories, and then have easy-to-find linkage for every sport they cover. As the years have gone on, they've continued to find more ways to utilize Flash, javascript, and asynchronous technologies to deliver more information in better ways (like the rotating scoreboard in their current site). 



Starbucks Today / 7 Years Ago

 Although their website from seven years ago looks dated, it's still much "cooler" than what you would expect from 2001. Furthermore, you can see how it was common for sites to used sliced graphics for their home page back then.


MTV Today / 5 Years Ago / 10 Years Ago / 11 Years Ago

The problem with trying to cater to current trends of culture is that you may regret it in the years ahead. It's hard to believe that they had a Java version of their site and even harder to believe that they once sported a "Best Viewed with IE" badge. In the second image, they seemed to swing too far in the "news" direction, but nowadays, have settled down nicely with their brand.


In Conclusion

Although it's easy to laugh at the past designs of many of these websites while praising current designs, remember that you are a contemporary of today and five years from now, you might think that even these current sites are a mess. Overall, I'm sure most would agree that design standards have been raised over the last decade, and it will be exciting to see what the next ten years hold...

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Greg William
Wow, great article. Very interesting to look at sites of the past!

Hey there,

just found your blog 2 days ago and added it to my Google Reader right away. Great post to start with here :-) Keep it up!


Chad Mueller
This is a very amusing post, I did have a few laughs, but at the same time it shows you where some of these massive sites have started and now where they are, it's inspiring to see that one day anyone website can be compared to this can be set to be the next big thing. Great posts I really really like it.

Hugh Bien
Nice! A lot of big sites haven't changed much as I thought they would. This reminds me of the evolution of logos post:


Jason Milburn
Good stuff. Progress marches on!

Jeremy Davis
Nice collection.

I enjoy watching how these sites evolved from all having similar beginnings to seeing how they target their audience more and more.

Another thing to notice is how these sites used to use the .com in their logo and seeing it drop off as they improve. I never understood why sites felt the need to include the .com in the logo.

Karl Roos
Nice article, want more of these :)

Brad Pyne
I searched through that website archive for a while and enjoyed looking at all my previously favorite sites. Amazing how much far we've come. Good picks for the article, keep it up.

Sonali Agrawal
Wow, great article. They surely have changed so much with the time and technology. It's just surprising to look at them transform so much in so many years.

Thanks for the article again.

I got a big laugh out of that MTV website.

Anyone up for a big laugh should really check out the McDonalds website in the wayback machine. The worst! LOL

Very cool post. It's interesting to see how the designs have changed, particularly to see how some of the sites, especially Apple and Nike have moved toward a simpler, cleaner design.

Good article. Always it's nice to see the sites evolution.

"Karl Roos
3/18/2008 1:50:13 PM

Nice article, want more of these :) "

I agree, except I want much,much less...

The article was ruined for me with ludicrously ridiculous comments as
"Microsoft has always been a technology company with a strong audience among technologists and programmers. As you can see, their past sites have always followed this demographic, disseminating content as quickly and efficiently as possible. Only in the past couple years has Microsoft's website really begun to appeal to consumers in a fun way. Many feel it's a bit pretentious, but Microsoft really does need to adjust to a world where "look and feel" has become so paramount to computer users.

A patently false and totally illogical statement.

This definitely is not your finest work

Sam, this is a great run-down and thanks for the time you put in.

As a long-time Microsoft programmer, I agree with your assessment (there are obviously many other facets to MS, but unless you're writing a book, you'll never cover them all).

And as for the steve guy, I've always wondered why such intelligent and lucid commenters don't start their own blog -- *sarcasm*

@Jeremy Davis - You're right. Everyone loved the ".com" back then. The web was so new and fresh in those years, when just having a homepage could help make you cool (which was a new feeling for your average introverted geek.)

An interesting comparison, which should have been thrown in, is the layout of Google's homepage. Notably the fact that is hasn't changed over the years.

Great post, quite nostalgic. Interestingly I didn't even know that Amazon.com looked like that today (I'm on amazon.co.uk)

Its always very cool to see the evolution of the web and of web design. Great post!

Sometimes not changing is good. Which makes me wonder why you didn't include Google into the mix. Would have made a nice contrast to the other listed sites.

@Tony and Michael -

I had Google on my list for inclusion but I figured that most people already know the site has not changed much since its inception. Honestly, as much as people say the above sites have really changed, I would almost argue the opposite when considering the last 5 years of many major site.

I like yahoo for 12 years ago, looks like the current google

Great Reminder.

What this article remind me:
- Big companies change their websites between 3-5 years (in general)
- Nike website (as a user experience) suck
- Adobe and Apple have the best websites.
- Going to grid is essential
- As always be simple...

google would be awesome

Be a good person. Don't take other people's content.

You got all these sites from the wayback machine! You are stealing content!! Ok, I'm just busting your chops. Great article. I remember when almost every website had a Flash and non flash version. MTV's Decaf / Java site makes me laugh. Remember frames / non frames? Oh the humanity!! Man the technologies sure have come a long way.

interesting post.

Amazing comparaison. I like the work on the evolution.

I think it would be fun to have a way-back machine visit to various college web sites... there are still several that already look 10 years old! :)

Nice Articles. Brings back some memories when I first hit the web.

great howto on how to create an article (thus getting traffic and then money) by going to waybackmachine and commenting the first 10 websites that comes to your mind..

Bill Eccles
Yeah, the new sites look great.

But it's getting harder and harder to tell what to click to actually get somewhere. At least in the days of lists of underlined links, I didn't have to stick my cursor over something to see if it might be a link or not.


Interesting stuff.
I agree with your comment about what is to come.
I look at it from the point of view that the old desings were simple mainly because the bandwidth just wasn't there - 18.8 dialup?- to support anything better. Less was better on the pages. Now we have video streaming ads opening up on our pages.

Robin Cannon
What would be very interesting for some of those sites is to have a look at when they switched from table based design concepts to DIV and CSS. It's amazing that there are still reasonably major websites that revert back to DIVs.

Also very noticeable the comments here that talk about the inability to know *where* to navigate on some of the more up to date sites. While Flash based sites have improved on accessibility, there's a big difference between adherence to basic accessibility standards and genuine useability, and I think a lot of corporate sites still fall down on this. Possibly even more so than in older...simpler times.

Brad Windecker
Great Article. Your comment on web design today being done by designers, while being done by techies in the past is dead on.

I've battled this for a long time, but over the past few years, design has begun to get is due.

Keep it up.

seo design
This is a great article, its not until you look at the evolution like this you can how the designers keep the company theme but move it on with the times as well.

TeleVision SPY
Nike's actually looks quite good.

CNN sure had a drastic makeover...
great post.

The amazon uk site is still the same as the .com version 9 years ago :[

Good stuff! Interesting use of the wayback machine!

I'm surprised (like one of the commenteres above) that you didn't also include Google. Mainly that they are incredibly successful, and will continue to be, with utter simplicity.


Spot on. Very sensible, well written article. Got lot of Insights from here. Thank you

wow, that original mtv site brings back 1997 memories...

Check out the 12 year old Yahoo page. Minus those bottom links they essentially have the design that google has today. Brilliant!

the best evolution of a website:


simply the best. nuff said.

@Steve: Don't bluntly criticize without backing up your statement with some sort of point. You said nothing.

@ all the other haters: Why be cynical? Were you raised this way? They're were only three or four comments in this category. But if you have nothing nice to see–or words to add to an intelligent discourse–then say nothing at all. Hold the tongue... or in this case fingers.

Or like one poster pointed out: start your own blog.

Another great example is the beeb:

1996: http://web.archive.org/web/19970428002851/http://www.bbc.co.uk/



2002: (dunno which muppet came up with BBCi):


Robert Foster
Hmmm... this is a great article but I've seen it elsewhere already, and it included how little Google has changed...

what about google? hardly any change there

This is an awesome list, thank you for sharing. I am a freelance web designer so enjoyed checking out this trend

Notice the ad in the current Microsoft one? "Resistance is unnecessary"...
what does the bottom half say? "You've already been assimilated"?

Nathan B
Has anyone checked to see how archive.org has changed over the years?

Just a note:
At least two of these sites (yahoo and mtv, use Drupal).

An On
And there is one site that did not change at all for 10 years - F.O.S.I. (read the Wikipedia article for more info). Software became more and more bloated over the years, but the site still offers exactly 36 "programz" for download.

CFA Level 1
Interesting analysis. Thanks for sharing these screenshots from the past.

Cool stuff. I've also bookmarked this blog!

I like this list! Thanks for the post, a good read.

Syed Balkhi
This is quiet an interesting list. I agree with you that the web is changing now it is going back to the retro look in the designing, but I am sure in the future it will be back to the metallic look and then back to classic. It will never stop changing.

Andrew Baron
Another time, another flash in the pan. Where is the enduring, timeless art?

Simply amazing, you can really see a pattern there. Web design really evolved!

CNN's website was really ugl :)

P.S. Great article!

interesting post and analysis!

First version of MTV site looks really great! :)

Thanks for this post. Apple has improved a lot but it's interesting to see other's evolution... What a great update :)

I put together a history in screenshots of the ibm.com homepage from 1994-2008 here: http://epcostello.net/library/ibmcom/

Nice list.My favorite changes made over the years would have to Yahoo. Dugg.

Stefan Hayden
you might want to re-screen shot yahoo as they just updated their design today.

the logo is back in the top center.

The Ad Mad
Terrific post, just blogged about it...never figured out how pingbacks work, sorry :P

Web design
This blog is pretty informative in providing information regarding the changes of great websites like Apple, Amazon, Adobe etc. As a web designer I love to do web design all the time and I must say that I enjoyed a lot reading this article.

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nice list i like it.

kishore blog
Woww. Nice collections.


You can see some milestones there

Ali G
Great site here! Interesting post here, nd hope to see more on designs from you.

once again, thanks Samuel!

Apple's font isn't Helvetica; it's Myriad Pro.

Cool article, although I had seen a lot of them with The Wayback Machine.
Fun to see the companies want the same website but just more contemporary designs.

Good info.. If you look closely at CNN websites,you will find that there is a report on war in Iraq now as well as 5 years back...hmm.. why am in surprised?!

That was really interesting to read. I found that Amazon was the most interesting, simply because it hardly changed at all.

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hey thats an impressive list, bookmarked!

Try looking at google's over the last few years.

Google had an interesting change.

rich page
Ah sweet memories. I particulary love the original Yahoo website. I also remember an even older amazon version, with their logo that a had a river running through it. Nice post - keep up the great work!

You guys might also like to check out my web reviews blog :)

Its for web analyts and fans of the web :)


awesome collection of information... i love stumbling across sites that have images of how the industry has changed over the years.

This is great. Love revisiting sites who change every 3-4 years to keep up with the Jones. It is also important for websites to remind their visitors that they too are fresh and relevant.

seo outsourcing
I just wonder where you got or downloaded those index pages 5 or 8 years ago for those sites. But this a good comparison. We can see how these websites evolve.

Mathew Liles
Nice article. Greate to see how things evolve!

Similar to the Way Back Machine - www.archive.org

Realy nice article !
it's cool to see the older styles of websites !

Timothy Long
Yahoo's standards didn't raise much.

Nice article.
So nice to see all the old urls.
Users tend to foget easily, so is good to compare the new with the old websites. Is remarkable how usability and accessibilty standards have transformed some of them as yahoo.comand amazon.co.uk !!!


Steve Scor
Thanks for the look back I remember most of those old sites.

Liked the article - hate the haters. It's a light-hearted piece, don't get sh*tty because you were expecting a "state of the web" address. We can't all be A List Apart. It's still nice to see a fresh take even if the concept is familiar to you - I admit I hadn't seen it done before.

However, I do think that Samuel is too generous in some cases. I passionately believe that Amazon AREN'T maximising their sales because they overload each page with superfluous content and clumsy and excessive cross-selling. I use Amazon as a last resort for this reason. It may not be comparing apples with apples, but I believe Google pwned Yahoo for similar reasons.

Enjoyable article and I look forward to seeing an update in 8 years' time... Take care everyone.

red eyes
how in the heck did you forget GOOGLE?...

J F del Giorgio
Very nice comment... Have you ever considered being a prof or are you one already? I appreciated your clear view, it points to a very clear mind...
I'not in your field, I arrived by searching for photoshop options...
I don't know if evolution biologists have taken to your field, but what you perceive as images being shaped by field pressures is very interesting

Praveen Francis
They should have shown Google.com, its virtually unchanged for the last 15 years i think...

Really nice article! It´s amazing how the first approach of a corporate website changes and which design/corporate elements are taken on the new version.

Nout van Deijck - Blog <3.14 />
Great article!
Thank you for all information, wakeuplater!!!
I live your unburdened and useful articles about webdesign!

Nout van Deijck, Blog <3.14 /> (about (web)design, typography, science and news.

Fred S-S
Um, the font used on Apple's site and all their signage has been Myriad Pro...for some time now I think.

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Panda Bears
It's really interesting to see the evolution of sites over time.

Chris Harrington
Very, very nice post. I'd also like to see more of these.

Brimingham SEO Man
Once you have a solid brand use it.

TV Guide
some changes where more significant then others but incredible non the less.

if you want to watch the complete evolution of the web site visit www.archive.org, you type the name of the web site and this aplication show the liks of the all changes maked.

Regan Johnson
Great post, thanks!

PS Website Design
Really interesting – I would have thought that the designs would have changed more than they have. Given the advancement in web design over the last decade. Nice post.

yahoo was way better 12 Years Ago

Biles Online
You know, a while back I did a very similar research on the way sites have changed. Its pretty incredible if you ask me. It also gives you a perspective on the specific needs in their particular market. For instance CNN will never look like NIKE because CNN it is all about content where NIKE is all about product. VERY COOL ARTICLE!

Nice idea for a blog.

Very nice post, although I don't agree that the 2001 Starbucks site is cool - I was making much cooler websites in 2001 than I am now in 2008 haha! :)

Muy interesante los nuevos sitios de las marcas mas reconocidas por un tratamiento gráfico o publicitario.

Show the change in google - and you will find it's way of success:)

Very Nice Article...
I think Google homepage would be one, which has same look and feel since last 10 years.

The MTV one cracked me up, Java or Decaf! LOL

u guys should go to http://www.freewebs.com/totheawesome its

Nice post! Certainly things have changed a lot but I would say this is just the beginning... websites are still in evolution phase and things are going to change a lot more with the web 2.0 stuff...

Recruitment Oursourcing
You're right Ravi. Things will change a lot with the Web 2.0. As the years go on, technology becomes a lot more advanced. Imagine what the web will look like in 2040?

This was an amazing post! It seems as though Adobe has always had good, consistent web designs.

It is very nice post. I have collection of all the websites of old apple.

Soren Uggerholt
Interesting reading.
And I like: "Be a good person. Don't take other people's content."

Excellent to see the progress. Also, nice to try to keep somewhat consistent.

pete white
Great article, thanks.

Wow, the Apple website change is unbelieveable!

Was racking my brains how you could have created this - and the monitor size being the same told me it wasn't a screen capture you did 7 years ago (when you probably had a smaller monitor) - then I cracked it!

I won't spoil it for everyone else though :)

Very less explored subject and you have provided valuable information. Thank you for the article. Very helpful!

Long Beach Web Design
Wow! Those are cool screenshots. Apple has always had good websites. I believe that their websites are the best in the world.

thnx for sharing..

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Webmaster Forum
I am a fan of apple website, through the years they have grown from strength to strength.


Yeah, the new sites look great.

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A couple points about votes:

1. The overwhelming majority of voters don't make principled votes, where ever they lie on the political spectrum, so it's hardly surprising that western voters are as concerned with subsidies they benefit from as the libertarian prinicples they may hold. I think this is often lost sight of by bloggers and commenters because most of us are in that small fraction that does.

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okey oyna
The world needs another power to encounter google.

okey oynama
Whoa! Does this mean you’ll be abandoning EPIG?
I was hoping you might be developing a version with comments. Is it now dead?

bedava okey oyna
you are incorrect in your statement that google has created everything in-house.

many of their technologies were bought when they acquired othr co.s i.e. their killer alogorithms (for search) came with an acquisition of a co. in santa monica several years ago....i forgot the name.

i am very familiar with both google and yahoo. what most people don't realize about google is that every one of their technologies/products that they developed in-house has flopped in terms of genertating any revenue. or, they haven't been able to develop a revenue model for it. yahoo may be less sophisiticated technoogically, but that at least have multiple revenue streams. too bad for them that goog's search algorithims were better and they ran off with the show.

however, my friends at yahoo say the game has not ended and they are working toward to returning to their technology roots

bedava okey
thank you for bringing this up! roughly one year ago i began saying on assorted blog threads (techcrunch et al) that google should acquire a wireless carrier and initially felt that tmobile's us operations made the most sense (wifi outlets/modes, backdoor to music and media distribution, channel sales force through their commercial operations etc)...still seems to make sense to me, though sprint is far more cash strapped and is way way way cheaper as a prospect, and still offers commercial channel sales, wifi distribution opportunities and retail presence prospects...

It's almost a little strange- the predominance of libertarianism online has dwindled over the past half-decade, yet it still pops its head up every once in a while and provokes odd posts like Kos'. There's nothing in anything that Kos said that doesn't make him a liberal; aside from the demonization of the term, why not simply argue that liberals and libertarians can make common cause against a conservative ideology that values neither egalitarianism nor liberty?

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okey indir
I agree with many who have said that Mr Lessig is in a better position to influence those in Congress from the outside.

Speaking as someone who hails from the UK I would still like to add my voice to the Change Congress movement but, as it stands, it seems that it will be limit to those that can vote in the US (the need to enter a US zipcode on the site). Will there be "affiliate membership" for those who wish to take part but don't happen to be US citizens?


On a more philosophical note, in On Liberty Mill drew a distinction between what we should as individuals do our best to persuade a person not to do and what a government should prevent a person from doing. Mill assigned social and commercial ostracism by private actors to the first category but not the second.

I think one of the major differences that is between liberals and libertarians that is often overlooked compared to the spilt on social welfare is that libertarians believe there are more issues that should be approached in this way.

The consequence of this is often that differences of means are often mistaken for differences of values.

Nice overview. I've always wondered, though, why the people concerned about cell phone and Wi-Fi signals never chimed in about sitting a meter away from a high voltage electric motor. Surely spending years of sitting in brutal commuter traffic next to that would total to potentially worse exposure than a Class 2 or 3 bluetooth headset... wonder if anybody is trying out testing the effects (visions of Toyota labs, with mice in tiny-sized hybrid cars ;) !!).

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This is nice? This is wonderful ! They surely have changed so much with the time and technology.

Thats a great job by having the screen shots of websites. Incorporating Simiplicity, Ease, Advanced functionality like videos, chat, forums and Usuability is the talent of the Webmaster!

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good stuff

Just wondering what's the name of the menu you have at the top of your screen in your screenshots (The one that says "Microsoft", "Grafica", "Multimedia", "Juegos", etc.) I've looked and looked but couldn't find it. Thanks in advance

waw! this is really interesting .
nice article :)

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Google keeps changing the rules of the game.

personally think PR is not as important as it was. Google seems to be steering down a lexical keywords / page keyword density route (back to the old days of excite! in 96). Link text is still as important as ever, both internal and external. Whatever, Google is doing these days they seem to be purposefully leaving themselves open to increased manipulation by SEO professionals and weakening the index as a whole. I mean bulk cross-linking and lexical keywords stuffing in titles, they should have an algorithm to kick that stuff out, shouldn’t they? but I plead guilty on all counts;)

very nice Blog :)

oyun oyna
bendende thanks efe mucu.

I had some problems with my css. Thanks for the article!

adult diapers
Why don't include Google? I guess maybe because it's nearly the same this past 10 years. LoL.

Mat Hampson
@pingdownunder here's a handy resource of bbc homepage screenshots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/currybet/tags/bbchomepage/

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güzel sözler
Whoa! Does this mean you’ll be abandoning EPIG?
I was hoping you might be developing a version with comments. Is it now dead? .

Why don't include Google? I guess maybe because it's nearly the same this past 10 years. LoL.

Donald Mak
John your Idea is really creative...Once you implement in your work that effect more on your website design and looks positvely

Nice to see what changes, and yet what remains the same.

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